"People want to rest and relax, so I'm positive about the future of domestic tourism" - interview with Zoltán Albert, the marketing manager of Saciova Hills

"People want to rest and relax, so I'm positive about the future of domestic tourism" - interview with Zoltán Albert, the marketing manager of Saciova Hills

Beautiful view, tranquility and a pleasant environment await guests at Saciova Hills. We visited the accommodation and the related wildlife park as the next stop of our Visit Covasna Safe Place campaign and talked to Zoltán Albert, the marketing manager of Saciova Hills.

Could you tell us a little bit about the accommodation?
Saciova Hills is a small guesthouse in beautiful surroundings, situated on a hilltop near Saciova. The view is astonishing, from here you can see the Lower and Upper Basins of Covasna County. We have ten accommodation units, five double rooms, three superior double rooms and two apartments. The common areas should be highlighted: there is a very nice dining room and a salon, a gaming room with an upholstered card table and a fireplace, so all is prepared for relaxation. Nothing can disturb our guests` rest and relaxation here, because it is an extremely quiet and calm place. Not only that the accommodation is in an uninhabited area, but we are far away from the road as well. At the same time, we also have a hot tub, which provides an extra comfort factor, and the kitchen, which is also outstanding, as we serve quite a range of game meat products.

How can tourists visiting Saciova spend their free time?
We have a wildlife park that is on the other side of the settlement. This can only be visited by guests, who are accommodated at Saciova Hills. The most interesting moment is the feeding time, because then you can see the most animals. Visitors can meet wild boars, mouflons, deers, roe deers, so it’s a real curiosity for those who haven’t really seen a wild animal yet. Besides this, there is a fishing lake in the area, but there are also opportunities for cycling and hiking on the surrounding hills.

Why can tourists feel safe in your hotel? What kind of regulations did you introduce?
The guests can feel safe mainly because the place is small, there are few people here at the same time, which is considered already a safety factor, but in addition, we take great care of cleaning and disinfection. For example, we placed a small disinfection station near the entrance.

What do you think about the future?
Borders will likely be difficult to cross for a while, so we are not expecting any tourists from abroad at the moment. We have to rely on domestic tourism for a while.

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