”Everyone needs to relax, put the routine aside.” – interview with Florin Sorescu, the owner of Hotel Monte Cervo from Covasna

”Everyone needs to relax, put the routine aside.” – interview with Florin Sorescu, the owner of Hotel Monte Cervo from Covasna

As the next stop of our Visit Covasna Safe Place campaign, we visited the Monte Cervo Hotel in Covasna, and talked with the owner Florin Sorescu about what happened in the last period.

Could you tell us a little bit about the hotel? 

The Hotel Monte Cervo was a family idea, which started with difficulties, developed hard, but came from the need to make a place as natural as possible for people. Everything at the hotel has been projected to make you feel like you are in nature. If you look around you will see trees everywhere, forest all around, clean air, silence inside, pleasant lights, colors that do not disturb the eyes, providing both visual and spiritual comfort. That is why we also call ourselves Bio Hotel Monte Cervo Spirit and Spa, we want the clients to relax physically, but also to recharge. We also had skeptical clients who contacted me and only came in for a night or two in advance, but after trying they stayed for three or four nights, they didn’t want to leave as they slept very well, had a good time and ate well.

What kind of services do you have?

As a service to relax there is a spa in the basement where we have a fairly large saltwater pool, a special one because we don’t put chlorine in it. Beside the saltwater pool in the center, we also have a salt mine, a sauna, a relaxation room and an aromatherapy room. In addition, massages can be requested. We also work on a wine cellar, which I think will be ready by June 15th, also made of wood, so that you can feel the old steam of the wine. Plus there is a playroom for children under construction, which I also hope will be mounted and functional by June 15th. There is also a non-stop bar so that if guests arrive from Bucharest at midnight or after, they can still be served, and we have the permanent staff who will serve the clients with everything they need.

How did you adapt to the new situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic? 

We had to close temporarily, so it affected us directly like everyone else. Clients canceled all their bookings, with the occurrence of the emergency state, all bookings were canceled so we were completely emptied. We are now waiting for the measures that need to be introduced, but we cannot anticipate them. Of course, we will also have automatic hand sanitizers, distance-indicating stickers, the staff will clearly wear a mask, maybe a plexiglass protective mask, disposable gloves - we can adapt quickly because the space is small, providing intimacy and exclusivity. As accommodation we have 26 rooms with 52 beds in the rooms.

What other regulations have you introduced?

We have a terrace that we can use. Each family will receive a designated table to use throughout their stay. We will control and disinfect public spaces more often, we will be obliged to use thermometers before entering the hotel. My view, however, is that disinfection should not go too far, we need to find a balance, rather create traffic lanes so that people do not come into contact. People come here for fresh air, not to inhale alcohol, because to be honest, the disinfectant is alcohol. I hope the authorities have some good ideas to use as few disinfectants as possible in, to have a consensual social distance that involves the use of as few chemicals as possible, because that would be the point, I think.

What do you think about the future?

People need to relax, children also need fresh air, mountains to recharge with oxygen. If you go to the sea you charge with vitamin D, if you go to the mountains with fresh air, your brain is saturated with oxygen, and all this helps the healthy development of a child’s body, if you do so, it is impossible for a child not to be healthy. If you sit in the pool, in the salt mine, in the sauna, all this helps the body a lot, especially children and very stressful adults. Overall, I think the future is positive because everyone needs to relax, put the routine aside. I am optimistic about the future.

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