"We have learned to save money, we have introduced home delivery, so from now on it can only be better" - said the owner of the Krumpli fast food restaurant in Sfântu Gheorghe.

"We have learned to save money, we have introduced home delivery, so from now on it can only be better" - said the owner of the Krumpli fast food restaurant in Sfântu Gheorghe.

Krumpli from Sfântu Gheorghe has opened its restaurant in the beginning of the year, so they were highly affected by the regulations introduced because of the coronavirus. We asked the owner of the restaurant, Máthé Zoltán about the current situation and his opinion about the future.

Please tell us a little about Krumpli fast food!
We opened at the beginning of January and, as the Hungarian name suggests, we are trying to make and sell the best French fries in Covasna County. Its characteristic consists in the preparation of French fries with a Belgian and Dutch technology, from potatoes from our county. We also have French fries menus: we have a menu of chicken skewers, crispy, breaded cheese and 12 types of Belgian sauce, and now with home delivery, we have introduced a wrap menu as well.

You were  open only for a few months and the coronavirus came; how did it affect the business?  

We got on a roller coaster, because when we started in January, the promotion went very well, a lot of people came and taste it, then in February we had a decrease, a great silence settled on us, however, we were looking forward to a profitable spring and that everything will improve. Behold, spring has come and we try to take everything positively, we have learned to save money, we have reduced costs and now I hope that we will slowly get out of all this.

When you opened it, you didn't even think that there would be home delivery, how did you decide not to close, but rather have home delivery?

We were many, and we sold little, so we tried to transform our entire system to solve the situation. We decided to introduce menus that can be easily delivered. Initially, we did not want the delivery, because potatoes are not very compatible with delivery, so we tried to adapt, designing everything so that the food retains its quality for as long as possible.

What precautions have you taken to keep running the business?

We wear masks, we constantly disinfect our hands, we use gloves. In the kitchen, in the heat, it is not the easiest to work in gloves or masks, because anyone who uses them knows that gloves can damage your hands. The food is put in a box and then in a paper bag, thus having minimal contact with the outside world.

What do you think about the future? 

Now we are starting to get out of this situation, we see the light at the end of the tunnel and, in the end, if we assume that we are continuing with the delivery from now on, then it is already positive. We learned to save money, we introduced home delivery, so everything could only improve from now on. 

The Krumpli fast food restaurant in Sfântu Gheorghe is open from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 am and 21:00 pm, and the home delivery is from 11 am. On ospătarul.ro, facebook and google, you can find the complete menu. You can order online on ospătarul.ro, by phone or even at our window.

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