”We welcome our guests and can assure them that we take great care to hygiene” – interview with the chief manager of Fidelitas Hotel, Pakot István

”We welcome our guests and can assure them that we take great care to hygiene” – interview with the chief manager of Fidelitas Hotel, Pakot István

Despite the fact that everything is gradually returning to normal, we can’t say we have completely past the coronavirus epidemic. As the next stop of our Visit Covasna Safe Place campaign, we visited the Fidelitas Hotel in Saint George, and asked the hotel`s chief manager, István Pakot, about the last period and future plans.

Could you speak briefly about the hotel?

We opened on February 8, 2018. The building was bought and renovated by the Reformed Church. Its primary goal is to support the boarding house of Sapientia University and to be a hostel for students. The hotel`s secondary purpose is to serve church public purposes with its revenues. In addition, from a hospitality point of view, it was very important to provide a relevant and quality accommodation in Sfântu Gheorghe, which was really in high demand.

Was it difficult to adapt to the regulations introduced because of the coronavirus?

On March 20, we also decided to close. Despite the fact that our operation was not restricted by government regulation, we ran out of guests overnight. We had to send almost everyone on technical unemployment. In the meantime, we maintained the building and did minor works. Everything was completely cleaned and refreshed: upholstery, curtains, bedding, everything.  It wasn`t very difficult to adapt, because we have always taken great care to hygiene. The interior design is very advantageous, the surfaces are very easy to clean and disinfect. As a novelty, in accordance with the requirements of the authorities we have placed disinfectants, at the entrances disinfection mats and we offer protective masks to our guests, we measure their fever. So, we follow the regulations.

Now that you are open what have you experienced?

We have experienced that our corporate partners and guests we basically operate as a business hotel are happy because everyone wants to work. We had seven hotel guests on the first night, which we are very happy about. We basically offer buffet breakfast, but since the restaurant is not allowed to operate in order to simplify the serving of the meal, we came up with the idea, even before the state of emergency, to prepare food packages.

What do you think about the future?

I am very optimistic about the future. During the emergency state, we also started working on updating our website. We welcome our guests and can assure them that we take great care to hygiene and that our services are at the maximum level that we can offer under the given conditions.

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